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  • Non-medical Disposable Masks
Non-medical Disposable Masks

Non-medical Disposable Masks

Instruction Manual for Disposable mask


Product Name: Disposable mask

Specification: 17.5*9.5cm ear type

Package: 50 tablets/box, 2000 tablets /carton

Execution standard:GB/T32610-2016


Product composition: The product consists of two layers of nonwoven fabric, one layer of meltblown filter layer, with nose clip and mask belt.

Scope of application: It is suitable for general public protection not for medical purpose.

Instructions: Open the mask, make sure the skin is dry, with one side of the mask attached to the face, place the mask nose clip on the bridge of the nose, smooth, spread the mask, cover the nose completely, finally put the mask belt on the ears.


1.     This product is disposable and cannot be cleaned or reused.

2.     Keep the mask flat after use. The bridge of the nose above the mask should not be folded to extend the use period.

3.     Not recommended for sleep or breathlessness

4.     It is not recommended for children under 3 years old or people with low lung capacity.

5.     Contraindications: People who are allergic to non-woven products are prohibited.

Storage conditions: Seal, close light, moisture-proof.

The date of production:  See labels from products bag

Valid time:  Two years


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