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Disposable non-woven hat

  • Disposable non-woven hat
Disposable non-woven hat

Disposable non-woven hat

Instruction manual for disposable non-woven hat



Product name: Disposable non-woven hat

Model specifications: Elastic type 21”

Material and structure: high-quality non-woven fabric material, strip structure, mushroom shape after expansion, excellent rubber band closing.

Scope of use: used in laboratories, dust-free workshops, homes and other places that need to be cleaned and dustproof.

How to use: Expand the strip to and easy to wear on head, limited to one-time use.

Product performance: Dustproof and breathable, suitable for long time wearing without tight, no allergic reaction, no washing and no maintenance required

Note: Only one-time use for personal head wear.

Storage: Store in a dry, dark and clean place, avoid damp exposure.

Validity: 2 years

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