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  • Meter handhold reading device
Meter handhold reading device

Meter handhold reading device

  • Model: FH80P
  • Type: Mobile comprehensive billing device
  • Mode:WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet, GPS
  • Product description: Meter handhold reading device

FOSTER FH80P is  is a smart touch screen mobile meter reading instrument with large LCD, high resolution, high performance, high IP grade and high reliability.
It supports abundant communication interface such as WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet, GPS, Standard Micro USB to make the meter reading management easily and efficiently.


RAM and Memory

2GB SRAM and 32GB Memory for storing data more than 10,000 meters


Size: 6 inch with 16:9 scale

Resolution: 1280x720, with touch screen

Brightness: 430Nit

Touch Panel: 5-point capacitive touch, corning gorilla glass, support glove/wet hand touch

Performance: Easy readability in varying ambient light condition, LCD backlit lifetime around 20,000 hours


Rechargeable Lithium battery with 3.7V/5000mAh

More than 8 hours of continuous data transfer

Has battery low indication and Separate charging port

Communicating Interface

Two way communicating interface between meters and base computer station

Working temperature

-10~ 50

IP Grade

IP67 comply with IEC60529




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