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  • Smart differential pressure transmitter
Smart differential pressure transmitter

Smart differential pressure transmitter

  • Model: FPTG
  • Type: Pressure differece gauge
  • Accuracy ratio: 0.2%FS
  • Type: Digital
  • Product description: Smart differential pressure transmitter

Foster FPTG is pressure transmitter that suitable to measure liquid, gas, or steam flow as well as liquid level, density and pressure. Outputs a 4~20mADC signal corresponding to the measured differential pressure. Its highly accurate and stable sensor can also measure the static pressure which can be shown on the integral indicator or remotely monitored via HART communications. Other key features include quick response, remote set-up using communications, self-diagnostics and optional status output for pressure high/low alarm.

Ambient Temperature Effects -20℃~65℃:±(0.15×TD+0.05)%×Span
Every 10℃ is ±0.08% ×Span (TD=1)
-40℃~-20℃ & 65℃~85℃:±(0.3×TD+0.1)%×Span
Static Pressure Effects ±(0.05%URL+0.075%Span)/10MPa
Overpressure Effects ±0.1%×Span /10MPa
Stability ±0.1%×Span /3 years
Power Supply Effects ±0.001% /10V (12~42V DC)
Output Two wire 4~20mADC output with digital communications
Failure Alarm Low Mode (min): 3.7 mA
High Mode (max): 21 mA
No Mode (hold): Keep the effective value before the fault
Response Time

Amplifier damping time constant is adjustable from 0.1 to

60 sec by  software and added to response time

UpTime < 15s
Ambient Temperature Limits -40 to 85°C
-20 to 65°C with LCD display or fluorine rubber sealing

Storage and Transportation

Temperature Limits

-50 to 85°C; -40 to 85°C with LCD display
Working Pressure Limits Maximum working pressure: 16MPa,25MPa,40MPa
Static Pressure Limits 3.5kPa abs. to maximum working pressure.
Supply & Load Requirements 24VDC supply, R≤(Us-12V)/Imax kΩ, Imax=23 mA
Electrical Connection The electrical connection is made via cable entry M20x1.5
Process Connection Flange with fixing thread 7/16-20 UNF and 1/4-18 NPT female thread on both sides
Sensor Body 316L stainless steel


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