Three-phase smart energy meter

  • Three Phase Smart Energy Meter 0.2S
Three Phase Smart Energy Meter 0.2S

Three Phase Smart Energy Meter 0.2S

  • Model: FLGG360TS
  • Type: Three phase energy meter
  • Accuracy ratio: Cl.0.2S for Active,Cl.1 for Reactive
  • Wires: 3 or 4 wires
  • Product description: Three Phase Smart Energy Meter 0.2S
FOSTER FLGG360TS is a 0.2S high accuracy 3P4W/3P3W CTVT smart high voltage operated energy meterwhich is configurable for power grid monitoring, asset monitoring, tamper monitoring etc. Equipped with communication modem, it can be reading, monitoring and operating remotely. It is convenient for utility to manage the asset on time.

FLGG360TS complies with DLMS/COSEM open protocol, a good solution to have wise life.


 Import and export active/reactive/apparent energy, 4 quadrants reactive energy,the absolute and algebra energy measurement,the daily and monthly total energy and money consumption measuring, maximum demand and cumulative demand measuring;
 Import and export active/reactive/apparent energy for multi tariff and each phase(L1/L2/L3);
 Instantaneous parameter measurement functions such as current, voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, phase anglesetc.;
 DLMS/COSEM HDLC and IPV4 protocol ensures an open and secure communicational system, a DLMS UA accredited meter;
 Supporting multi remote communication modem, such as: GPRS/3G/4G/Ethernet, Easy to replace on site and register automatically;
 Load control functions: Over load control, Arrearage control, Tamper control, Malfunction control, fire disaster control etc.;
 Event log function including multiple tamper event detections/power net event detections /load control detections;
 Supporting power grid quality analysis such as missing potential, Invalid voltage (under and over voltage), earth fault, voltage imbalance, voltage loss, voltage THD, current imbalance, current THD, reverse phase sequence, power imbalance, over load, low power factor etc.;
 Supporting firmware upgrade locally and remotely;
 Multi-TOU tariff and Multi channels load profiles;
 Flexible RTC with accuracy 0.5s /day, and leap year auto switch;
 Easy to identify the alarm and error via the LCD display and LEDs;
 Easy to operate with 2 buttons and a smart keypad;
 Standard 3P4W and 3P3W bottom convenient for site installation;
 Easy to replace the Battery, without uninstalling;
 LCD backlight can increase readability under low light condition;


Rated voltage 3x57.7/100V~3x63.5/110V
Limit working voltage range 70%Un~130%Un
Current 1(6) A, 5(6)A ,1(10)A, 5(10) A
Pulse Constant 10000imp/kWh, 10000imp/kvarh
Accuracy Class Cl.0.2S for Active,Cl.1 for Reactive
Rated operating frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Working temperature -40℃ to +80℃
Housing IP54
Dimension 266.5mm×165mm×80mm


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